09 March 2014

Diving the Yankee Clipper Jacks with Luis

Daylight Saving Time started at 2:00 pm this morning.  Met Luis at the parking lot at 9:00 am, which was really 8:00 am.  Leo emailed to say he was too hung over to dive this morning.  From the parking lot, the ocean looked flat and calm, then you would see a wave crash on the beach and water spray up.  It was a lot worse than it looked.  I had trouble just standing up as we walked into the surf.  There was a lot of water moving in and out. When one of the bigger waves came, it moved me.  There was a South current right along the beach that swept me along with it.  We swam out past the swim buoys, then descended past the algae but not yet to the reef. Visibility was terrible, less than 5 ft.  Luis and I lost sight of each other several times.  Finally, we got over the reef, so I headed South, though I kept getting turned to the East.  We swam and swam and finally ran into the Jacks.

We continued East on the North side of the Jacks, trying to stay off the Jacks and manage the surge while attempting to take pictures.  Visibility was terrible and the shots I took are poor.


Blue Faced Trumpetfish

Snooth Trunkfish

Spotted Trunkfish

When I got down to 1000 psi, we headed back to the beach.  I ran out of air at 200 psi and surfaced, to swim in on top.  It was difficult swimming and even walking out onto the sand.  

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