15 March 2014

Swimming to the Eastern Ledge to perform the ascents and certify Ricky Belgado

We were slowed down by the police blocking traffic for a foot race, but we finally got in the water a little before 9:00 am  We swam on the surface out the the Ledge, then descended.

 Leo tied off the flag line and Ricky and I made the alternate air source ascent

Ricky had trouble with the CESA and aborted the ascent twice, just a few feet off the sand.  As with the surf on his first day in the ocean, on the third attempt, we made the ascent.

 We then went down and, together with Leo, headed back to the beach.  Ricky was leading and navigating by the compass,  but we ended up South. I spotted the Lost Knoll and moved us North.  We finished and got out of the water around 10:15 am.

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