30 April 2011

Solo Diving at Tower 17

Dianne just could not get up this morning, so I went solo. The sea was a little bouncy, but I got out just fine. I swam to the swim buoys then descended. Too much chop to swim on the

surface. I saw several Amphipod holes, but no amphipods. I did shoot a Green Razorfish, a Flamingo Tongue and some other critters. I also

found a small red crab among some staghorn coral and shot some Amphipods on my way back to the beach.

29 April 2011

Fish Eggs!

The sea was absolutely calm and still when I first got in. There was some current to the North, but not a lot and visibility was pretty good. I headed due East for the Fish Camp Rocks, but ended up at the Furry Rock and swam North to the Fish Camp Rocks. As a habit I am deliberately

cultivating, I shot a test picture at the truck before I got in the water. Notwithstanding this check, the strobe was not hooked up for the dive. Even so, I got some good shots of a couple of

Green Sea Turtles and found a Dusky Jawfish with eggs in its mouth. I also got some pictures of a Sharptail Eel.

The wind was picking up some for the second dive, but the sea was still fairly calm. This time, I made certain that the strobe was hooked up. I swam to the Fish Camp Rocks then to the Eastern edge of the reef and then back to the Fish Camp Rocks, using the marker on a shelf above the ledge. I was feeling pretty good about my

navigation skills. I also found a Hawksbill Turtle, but I filled the CF card on my second visit to the Fish Camp Rocks.