10 March 2011

Getting Back in the Water

I used to make fun of people who wore coats during the winter in Florida, but I'm one of them now. It's cold here. Its cold on the surface. Its cold in the water. On the 7th of December this winter, the water temperature hit 68 degrees. On 7 January, it was 67 degrees. The temperature

bounced up to 73 degrees, but has also dropped back to 68 degrees several times throughout December, January and February. Its March and its still cold here.

I have been nursing a reverse block for over a week, but decided to get in the water today and see what happens. Dianne Co, Luis Monroy, Brian Putman and I entered in front of Tower 17 and swam out slowly at 100 degrees, but the visibility was so bad that even it we swam over the Fish Camp Rocks, we would not have seen

them. We got out to the Eastern edge of the reef and I went down to 35 ft, where my ears popped for the first time in the last week.