13 March 2014

Looking for the Staghorn Coral Forest

I decided to look for the staghorn Coral Forest off Towers 18 and 19.  Descended over sand and swam out to the reef, then went on East looking for the coral.  I found the Eastern edge of the reef, then came back West and just happened onto the Forest, which is an old NOVA University project.

 I found the blocks on which they grew coral.  I also found the large rock in the center and surfaced to see that it was due East of Tower 19.  Don't understand why I missed it on the way out, but I did.  Maybe too far North.  I was low on air but took a few moments to look around.  A lot of the coral has been flattened by the various storms we have had.  Still lots of life, but I did not see any of the Blue Hamlets that I used to find. Maybe another day.  

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