11 March 2014

Solo Dive on the Big Coral Knoll

Got to the beach about 9:00 am and hustled to get in the water before 9:30 am.  The ocean was calm and flat.  I swam out to the concrete blocks and descended.

Photographed a couple of Blue Goby just East of the concrete bocks,

a Goldspot Blenny

and then some Knobby Sea Rod on my way up the gunsight to the Gray Mid-way Rock

At the Rock, I turned North and swam to the Perpendicular Rocks and got a nice picture of a Bluestriped Grunt.

I then continued North to the Swept Rock.  As I approached the Swept Rock, I got this picture of a Bue Tang.  Just after I clicked the shutter, I saw a spear fisherman swim down.  We were both surprised.  He was free diving, so I just swam over to the Knoll and he went towards the fish Camp Rocks.  

On the Knoll I found a tiny round baby Smooth Trunkfish.

 I got some pictures, but he was hiding in every crevasse he could find.

I hung around the Knoll until I hit 1000 psi, then headed back to the Gray Mid-way Rock and back to the beach. Did pretty well on my breathing: 2 hours and 11 minutes on about 3000 psi.  The Sunnto does not record psi less than 212, so its a little hard to know  but its close.  

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