07 March 2014

Solo Dive to the Big Coral Knoll shooting a Wide-Angle Lens in Hazy Visibility

      The weather was nice yesterday, but I was tired and just could not bring myself to dive.  I'll probably regret that decision later.  Today was a different story.  I got up early, had coffee and set up the camera.  Not much surf, but there were large rollers that came in just one or two at a time. I swam to the blocks and descended. The visibility was hazy and it was a bad day for shooting wide-angle, but too late to change once I was in the water.  Descended at the blocks and swam up the gunsight to the Gray Mid-way Rock, then past the Bubble Rocks

past the Perpendicular Rocks,

past the Swept Rock

and then over to the Big Coral Knoll.

Made several tours around the Knoll and found a little Green Sea Turtle I followed as it surfaced to breath then returned. 

Swam off the Knoll and past the Helmut-Head Rock at about 1300 psi, heading
to the Fish Camp Rocks.

     I went back down the gunsight and to the beach.  Sucked the tank dry at 2 hours and surfaced.  I swam to the beach but had trouble getting out.  The ledge was steep and the waves were coming from all directions.  I almost lost it several times, but managed regroup and eventually to climb out without falling.  

      The 3 larger panorama shots above were created using Canon's Photo Stitch 3.1.  The top photo of the Bubble Rocks merges two images and does so pretty seamlessly.  The middle image of the Big Coral Knoll also merges two images, but not nearly so seamlessly.  Finally, the bottom image is made up of three images and has one pretty obvious seam with a second not so obvious but discernible seam.

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