12 April 2014

Leo,Luis and I Dive the Fish Camp Rocks

We spent an hour trying to warm up, but it really wasn't going to happen, so we got back in.  Waves seemed less to me and the water seemed warmer, though the computer doesn't back me up on that.  I did much better on air, even though we did head to the beach well before the two hour mark, with 705 psi left in the tank, I could have gotten to 2 hours easily enough.

As on the first dive, we dropped at the blocks, swam up the gun sight and by Irish Thighs

where I got this shot of a little Seaweed Blenny I have seen there on the last several dives.

I found and photographed this Sergearnt Major just West of the Fish Camp Rocks.

I found this Giant Anemone at the Fish Camp Rocks.

Not a lot of larger Parrotfish, like the Rainbow and Midnight Parrotfish which are usually there, but there were several Redband Parrotfish 

as well as this Initial Phase Redband Parrotfish.

Oddly, we found this Pipefish at the end of the dive.

Luis picked up a shell, but had trouble opening it.  Upon further examination, he found a baby octopus holding the shell together.

 I got these pictures of the little guy.

We also found two Planehead Filefish in the surf.  I was really difficult trying to photograph them with the surge pushing both me and the fish around and throwing sand up in the water, too.

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