11 April 2014

Dennis Viaznikov's first Open Water Dive

Dennis came over at 8:00 am, checked his gear and we drove to the beach.  Not much wind and mild surf.  We geared up and got in.  We swam out to the concrete blocks then headed up the gun sight.

We encountered a Hawksbill Turtle at the Cigar Rock and followed it for a ways, but got off course doing so.  I couldn't find the Gray Mid-Way Rock but headed North and found the Green Mountainous Coral, then the Perpendicular Rocks, the Swept Rock and the Knoll.

Found a Green Turtle on the South Edge of the Knoll, but Dennis had gone in a different direction and even though I swam over and got him, he never saw it. Also spotted the Hawksbill we had seen earlier. We swam along the South edge of the Knoll, then headed to the English Garden and back to the Knoll.

I missed having the camera.  The water was cold and my RVM got out of control as I started to shiver.  We headed back to the Perpendicular Rocks then to the beach.  RVM was over .5 for the dive.  Way too high.

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