14 April 2014

Solo Dive on the Ledge of Turtles

I swam out to the Rock Pile, though I could not see it from the surface.  Visibility was only 3 ft or so.  Bad enough that the camera had problems automatically determining the ISO setting needed for most shots.  There was also a black area at the bottom of each picture.  I manually set the ISO variously on 1500 and 2800, and got some shots, but the black area at the bottom remained.  I cropped it out of the pictures, but you can still see a suggestion of the black line at the bottom.

I went up the 120 degree bearing and ended up in front of Turtle Rock, so I swam straight away to the Ledge. Hung out with the fish.

Got this picture of a Sharpnose Puffer, with the eyes made-up like a clown's.

Also got this picture of a Christmas Tree Worm.

This Bluestriped Grunt is asking the Neon Goby to clean its mouth.

One of the several Spanish Grunts that were just hanging out at the Coral Heads on the Eastern edge of the Ledge.

This Rock Hind was not pleased that I was on the Ledge with him, but he did not move the entire time I was photographing him.

Lots of little Yellowtail Snappers like this one.

This is a pretty good shot of the Cymothoid Isopod on this Doctorfish.

I stayed on the Ledge until I got down to 1100 psi and then I headed back to the beach.  I found the Rock Pile and stayed there until I passed 110 minutes, then I slowly headed West to the beach.  Surfaced at 122 minutes.

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