07 April 2014

Solo Dive on the Ledge of Turtles

Liz decided not to dive this morning, so I went alone.  Got in the water and swam out to the Rock Pile.  I'd tested the camera and strobe at the truck and everything worked fine,  but in the water I came up with odd shadows. The water was dirty and I think all the particles fooled the ISO sensor.  I set it up for fully automatic and got pictures that looked like pictures, but they weren't as good as I got when I set the camera manually.  So I headed up to the Ledge, except that I couldn't see anything and had no idea where I was until I came to the broken coral head East of the Turtle Rock.  So that was nice.

I hung out with the fish on the Ledge and even had a little Green Turtle come through.

Got this nice shot of a Yellow Jack

and this shot of an Indigo Hamlet.

I spotted this Rock Hind, who headed for his favorite spot under the inside Ledge.

  Got a few shots of this mantis shrimp thing, but the photos aren't very good and may not help identify the little fella.

The good news was that I was at 33 minutes on 2500 psi; 52 minutes at 2000 psi; 71 minutes at 1500 psi and 90 minutes at 1000 psi.  I headed down the reef at 1000 psi and hung out along the sand line until I got 120 minutes, then I swam for the beach.  Water was 77 degrees.  Nice.

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