12 April 2014

Luis, Leo and I Dive the Big Coral Knoll

Luis Monroy, Leo Paez and I met at the beach, geared up and got in through the surf.  We swam to the blocks and descended, then moved up the gun sight to the Cigar Rock, but then got set to the North and ended up at the Perpendicular Rocks.  Went to the Swept Rock, then the Big Coral Knoll.

 Found this  Sponge Brittle Star past the Perpendicular Rocks and on the way to the Swept Rocks.

This Spotted Scorpionfish yawned and opened up.  If I'd been a little faster, I would have gotten a shot into the fishes belly.

This Mutton Snapper was just before the Knoll.

Found this Orange Spotted Filefish on the North side of the Knoll.

This Bluestriped Grunt was over in the English Garden, which we visited briefly.

As was this Yellowhead Wrasse.

As we came off the Knoll heading back to the beach, i spotted this Balloonfish all puffed up.  I did not see the whatever it was that caused him to puff up, but I did get some good shots of the event.

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