04 March 2014

Solo Dive on the Ledge of Turtles

Slept in til 6:00 am, so I was a bit late getting to the beach.  I swam to the Rock Pile, then swam along a 120 degree bearing until I spotted the large sea plume with three small dark coral heads just West of the Mid-Way Rock and Turtle Rock. I swam up to the coral heads and got back on my 120 degree bearing to Turtle Rock and the Ledge.    

I got this nice shot of a Christmas Tree Worm;

got some more shots of the Red Hind;

also got a shot of some French Grunts going mouth to mouth;

and got several shots of Striped Parrotfish.

I just happened to look up and catch this shot of two Atlantic Spadefish swimming along side-by-side over the coral heads on the East end of the Ledge

This Greater Soapfish was hanging out under one of the two coral heads and came out to let me get this and a few other shots.

Hung around the Ledge for most of the dive and then headed back to the Rock Pile at 1000 psi.  Got this picture of a Three Spot Damselfish on some Staghorn Coral on the way back to the Rock Pile.

I got to the Rock Pile after about 300 psi, so I just hung out trying to relax until I got under 400 psi, then I went West to the beach.  Managed to make two hours, but only by a minute.

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