02 March 2014

Luis and I dive the Clipper Jacks

Met  Luis at the South Port Lot at 8:30 am.  We geared up and swam out onto the algae patch, but the water was rough so we dropped near the end of the algae and swam underwater across the sand and over the next set of reef.  We then swam South on the sand to the Jacks.  Though I started out okay on air, I was really blowing through it by the time we got to the Jacks.  Despite the cold water and poor visibility, there were lots of interesting fish and I got some good pictures, including

this Juvenile Rock Beauty,

 this Night Sergeant,

 this Spotted Trunkfish

this Blue Faced Trumpetfish

  this Yellowhead Wrasse Initial Phase, and

this Midnight Parrotfish.

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