05 March 2014

Short Tank Dive on the Nursery

I used the black tank, which had only 2100 psi in it after being filled only 2 days ago.  Must be a bad valve. Anyway, I decided to dive it because the surf was up, seas were choppy and visibility was none too good.  Wore my D6, because I forgot the D6i at home.  Wouldn't have been too bad except that the D6 did not record this dive for some unknown reason.  I used the guage on the tank before and after the dive and I was following closely, so the other numbers are pretty accurate.  I swam out to the Swim Buoy line and descended.  Found the Sea Rod, but it has taken a beating.

I found a bandtail puffer and was taking its picture when I noticed a second puffer lying in the sand.  At first I thought the second puffer was injured, but apparently no as it swam away once I started taking pictures.

I found a Smooth Trunkfish and was concentrating on some shots.

A Triggerfish took advantage of the situation and bit me, not once, but twice.

Pretty much wherever I looked, I found these perfectly round holes that looked like they were drilled recently.  I found these odd looking creatures, which I think are some kind of amphipod.

Tried to get a head on shot of this Yellow Sand Ray swimming along the bottom, but he turned away as I was shooting.

Found this Seaweed Blenny near the concrete blocks.

I spent the entire dive checking out the Nursery that existed in the Summer of 2012, all 70 minutes of it.  Not much left after Sandy.  I was cold by the end of the dive, but the computer said the water temperature was 77 degrees.  I think the computer lies.

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