01 March 2014

Solo Diving on the Yankee Clipper Jacks

       It got cold last night and was chilly this morning. I considered not diving, but I didn't dive yesterday and decided to make at least one dive on the Clipper Jacks.  Now I wish I could have done two dives. I was not cold, just sometimes I got a bit chilly, but it passed. I dropped on the algae at 15 ft and went out slowly.  I got photographs of all my usual subjects, but also

got several nice shots of a Knobby Sea Rod and its 8-arm stars,

 a shy Seaweed Blenny

and a Purplemouth Moray Eel

who at one point came at me like he was going to attack.  I got a little concerned and stuck my strobe in his face, which slowed him down.
       As I got East far enough to have seen the Jacks, I got concerned that I had not seen them.  I swam South for a ways and then surfaced to see that I was still way North.

Just before I found the Jacks, I spotted this Bluespotted Coronetfish and got a few shots.

I got this shot of an Atlantic Spadefish just North of the Jacks.

 As you can see from the photograph, this Night Sergeant was in the Jacks when I got his picture.

Same for this Midnight Parrotfish

and this Smooth Trunkfish.

      I did not make my two hours.  I'm not sure why.  The water was warm and I was not shivering.  There was a current, but it was a mild current and not one that taxed me. I just breathed too much air too quickly.  I was 9 minutes shy of two hours when I surfaced.  

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