08 May 2011

Solo Sunday

What a gloriously calm morning. Sun shining. Seas quiet. The visibility was not bad, though it could have been better.

I switched back to the 100 mm macro and the flat port. I decided against adding a diopter, which really limits me to shooting super macro.

There was a slight current and I must have over compensated, swimming just South of the Fish Camp Rocks. I noticed a school of midnight blue parrotfish and followed them North to the Rocks. Got some shots of the parrotfish, then headed for the Big Coral Knoll. Got some nice video of a Green Sea Turtle as well as some still shots, though the video is apparently too big to load on picasaweb or blogger. On the way back to the beach, I spotted a small Rough Box Crab. Odd creature.

Pleasant dive in okay visibility and calm seas. I would have liked to make several dives, but Dianne committed us to an 11:00 am lunch.

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