14 May 2011

Sita Armstrong Dives Tower 17

I missed Sita's call last night and did not want to call too early this morning, so I went diving. Wind was calm and seas were flat. I dropped in about 10 feet of water and swam 100 degrees. I surfaced at the reef to discover that the current had set me considerably to the North. I swam back on my mark and descended. This time I was more careful about the current and I swam out to the Fish Camp Rocks. The school of Rainbow and Midnight Parrotfish was there and I got some pictures. I also found a nurse shark, but got a picture without scaring her off. I swam over to the Furry Rock and got some pictures of Sergeant Majors. Squeezing the aperature to f/25 blacks out much of the background and produces a portrait-like image. Swam to the Big Coral Knoll and found a Hawksbill under the Eastern edge. As I left the Knoll, I spotted a Purple mouth Moray Eel under a coral head.

Sita had called while I was on the first dive, so I returned the call and met her at the Bridge. I got her some gear and we went back to the beach. I wanted to make essentially the same dive as the first dive, but I was off to the South. Spotted the Furry Rock, so we started there. Went to the Fish Camp Rocks and found the Nurse Shark just where I'd left her. Also found a Speckled Hermit Crab in a small shell. Went to the Big Coral Knoll, but the Hawksbill had moved on. Found a nudibranch: a purple-spotted Sea goddess, I think. Also found a Giant Tunicate. Lot of surge in the water, but a fun dive.

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