09 May 2011

Looking for the Ledge of Turtles

I forgot my weights, again. I did not notice until the very end of the dive, when I felt a little light. Otherwise, I seemed well balanced the entire dive. Maybe I should skip them all the time.

Headed East from the main entry. Got to the reef near a buoy and line on the bottom. Looking for the Ledge of Turtles. I found the Staghorn Coral Forest and I found some rocks like the Fish Camp Rocks, with the plates of small coral. I did not find the Ledge. Did find a Sharptail Eel and a small green turtle, but no ledge. Also found a small nurse shark that swam in front of me for a short while.

Second dive was much like the first, except this time I brought my two weight packets with 2 pounds each. I felt heavy for much of the beginning of the dive.

I dropped to the sand in 10 feet of water and worked my way East looking for Amphipods. Never got any good shots, though. Got up on the rise, but did not find the Ledge. Lots of dead staghorn coral. Not a lot to photograph, and I discovered that the lens has slipped into a mode that allows it to focus only to .48 meters instead of the .31 meters that is its minimum focal length.

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