11 May 2011

I Found the Shark Rocks Twice

The wind was a little stiffer this morning than it has been and there was a bit of a surf. I entered through the main entry area. I swam out into 12-14 feet of water and descended before getting to the swim buoys. I continued onto the reef at 90 degrees. I was looking for another Sailfin Blenny like I found yesterday. While I captured pictures of the Blenny going in and out of its hole, I was not successful in getting a photo of his sailfin unfurled. I found a Purplemouth Moray Eel in an overturned coral head and got some good pictures.

I swam towards the Eastern edge of the reef, but ran into some Fish Camp like rocks that lead me to the Shark Rocks. I headed SW from there and expected to find the Ledge of Turtles, but no such luck. West to the beach, but way South of my entry point.

Like the first dive, I descended well before the swim buoys and headed East at 100 degrees. I had to hurry because the Lifeguards usually get to the beach by 9:45 am, and they have some rule about not solo diving. I found the same purplemouth moray eel in the overturned coral head and several fish at two larger rocks. I expected to find the Shark Rocks again, but did not. Instead, I went all the way to the Eastern edge of the reef. I did not see the Ledge of Turtles, the Shark Rocks or even the Staghorn Coral Forest. I headed South along the ledge for a ways, then turned back to the beach. I ran into the Shark Rocks. I must have just past them to the North coming out. I headed SW, but did not find the Ledge of Turtles. Still, it was a nice dive.

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