28 May 2011

Diving the Fish Camp Rocks Saturday Morning

The beach was calm and quiet. Dianne and I entered in front of the Tower and swam to the reef on the 100 degree bearing. We then headed out at 90 degrees, but ran into a Hawksbill Turtle and swam with her for a few minutes. When we were through, we headed East, but nothing looked familiar and I had long since lost any sense of direction I had. I spotted some of the precursor rocks and we swam on in to the Fish Camp Rocks. No schools of midnight blue parrotfish, though. Dianne did find and point out a Bearded Fireworm. We swam to the Furry Rock, then across to the Big Coral Knoll. Dianne found some Anemones and I got some good pictures. We came back early because I had promised to meet Cole Evans at 9:00 am. We just made it.

Cole has his own regulator but I borrowed a BCD and 65 ft3 tank from Underseas Sports. Cole could carry the smaller tank on his back Cole, Dianne and I got back in and essentially repeated the first dive, except we did not see any turtles. I got lost, had no faith in my bearing and went North. I ran into the mid-way rock and disc, nowever, and we then swam right to the Fish Camp Rocks. No turtles. No sharks. No schools of parrotfish. Still, the water was relatively clear and there were lots of grunts. Cole touched everything. He even managed to hold a small yellow sand ray. I got a picture.

Cole made a second dive with us, using an 80 ft3 tank. He and I carried/drug it to the water and he put it on there. We were going to the ledge, so I was not worried about maintaining a bearing. Good thing. We passed over the Big Coral Knoll both on the way out and on the way back. We found lionfish. LIONFISH! Lionfish on the Big Coral Knoll. Got to get a spear. We also saw turtles. A small Green Turtle swooped down in front of me as I was skimming along the knoll. I got a couple of good pictures. We also saw a Barracuda on the sand on the way back to the beach.

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