27 May 2011

Three Dives off Tower 18

Luis and I met at the beach at 8:00 am and entered the water just North of Tower 18. We swam out East but found nothing interesting until we hit the Eastern edge. I don't think I took ten shots during the whole dive. The bottom was flat with sea rods and plumes. No turtles. No eels. Pretty dull.

Luis went to fill tanks during the surface interval. I stayed at the beach. When he got back, we geared up entered the water a little further North than on the first dive. We swam to the reef to descend, then headed East and ran into the Staghorn Coral Forest. There were a lot of fish there, but they were the usual reef fish. We continued on to the Eastern edge of the reef and dived South along the ledge. On the way back I was getting low on air and we found a Hawksbill Sea Turtle and swam with her for a while. I got some good photographs and some nice video. Near the beach, we spotted a Green Sea Turtle, but she was not interested in being photographed.

For our third dive, we entered in front of where we had parked and swam on the surface to the swim buoy line. Luis lost his lens cap almost immediately upon entry. He saw an eel and too quickly got the camera out to get the shot. We headed more or less East and were South of the staghorn coral forest, but we did not get as far as the Eastern edge of the reef. I did get a photo of something that I have yet to identify. At first, I thought it was a blenny, but it is not.

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