22 May 2011

Looking for the Octopus Rocks

I had planned to go to the Pelican Grand and make 3 dives today, but there were no parking places. I ended up parking next to Tower 19 and its a long walk to get in the water after the Lifeguards start, so I decided to make only 2 dives. On the first dive, I swam on the surface out to the swim buoy line and descended. I wasn't quite to the reef, but close. I swam out due East to the Eastern edge of the reef. I did not find the Octopus rocks I had visited on 9 January 2011. I didn't find any significant placement of rocks. I did swim North along the ledge and found a lovely Blue Hamlet to photograph. It was a pleasant dive, just not what I had hoped to find.

On my second dive, I decided to swim to the reef, then go NE at about 45 degrees. The bottom was relatively flat and uninteresting until I came to the Ledge of Turtles. Yeah, the one I could not find on the second dive yesterday. I hardly recognized the place. It was a ledge and there were two Green turtles on it when I approached. It took a few moments before I started remembering and then I immediately identified the two coral heads on the mound of dead staghorn coral. I came back more or less due South, but found no other rocks. The Octopus Rocks must be South of Tower 19.

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