29 May 2011

Diving on the Staghorn Coral Forest with Dianne

Dianne and I parked well South of Tower 19 and entered the water there. We swam out to the buoy line to descend. Once underwater, we headed NE, expecting to run into the staghorn coral forest. I'm not sure how we did it, but we missed the coral and ended up at the Ledge of Turtles, East of Tower 20. Because of the approach, I did recognize the Ledge at first. We found a small Green Sea Turtle at the Ledge and I got a couple of pictures. then we headed back. We found very few items of interest and I took fewer than 20 photos on the dive.

For our sedond dive, Dianne and I walked to Tower 19 and went East from there. We quickly ran into the Staghorn Coral Forest. I was looking for Pigfish, hoping to get a few good shots. Not only did we find Pigfish, but Dianne spotted an Indigo Hamlet. I got pictures of a Trumpetfish. I even found a small Fringed Filefish in the old coral. We were under 8 minutes shy of 2 hours and I surfaced with 650 psi.

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