25 May 2011

Three Dives in the Staghorn Coral Forest

Luis was a little late getting to the beach so we started our dive at 8:00 am. We swam out due East from the Tower and into the Staghorn Coral Forest. I was looking for the medieval stands and rocks I saw yesterday, but could not find them. I did see a Green Moray Eel, a Blue Hamlet and a couple of Red Reef Hermit Crabs. Not much else, though. We went to the Eastern edge of the reef and back. I had planned to make a second dive before the lifeguard came on duty, but as Luis and I were talking on the beach, I watched the lifeguard and a supervisor arrive at the Tower. Luis had to go to work and I decided not to try to race into the water. I can't afford to anger anyone, I'm at the beach all the time.

Luis called early this afternoon. He was finished for the day and wanted to go diving. We met at the beach, parking right behind Tower 19. I discovered that I had forgotten to put in a CF card, but I had the 2 GB card in the jar, so I loaded that card. Luis and I went in just in front of the Tower and headed due East. Just before we ran into the Staghorn Coral Forest, I saw a guitar fish, but did not get any pictures. It was too fast. We swam over to the Eastern edge, and I came up to see two Grunts mouth to mouth, but I did not get a picture. By the time I got the camera up and focused, they were done. I did find both a Green and a Hawksbill turtle and got some video and pictures, both. On the way back to the beach, we found a Southern Atlantic Stingray.

Luis and I got back in the water quickly. I was a little concerned that it was getting late and the sun would soon set. We swam out on the sand hoping to find the stingray again, but did not. We swam through the staghorn coral and to the Eastern edge. On the way back, Luis spotted a small Nurse Shark.

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