02 June 2011

Two Tries; Two Misses at the Ledge of Turtles

I swim to the reef but cannot find the railing in the low visibility. I swim around, but have to surface to check my location. I descend again and am right on the railing. Now, I cannot remember the bearing I am to swim from the railing to the Ledge of Turtles. I swim out at 100 degrees, but I miss the Ledge of Turtles. I think I go South, but I'm not certain. I get to the edge of the dead staghorn coral and recognize the area. I swim North and find the Shark Rock. From there I swim West and get to the Ledge. The little Green Turtle is there as well as a Rock Hind and a Greater Soapfish, though I get pictures only of the turtle and the Rock Hind. I head West again to get to the railing, then to the beach. The current is moderately strong out of the North and it is difficult to correct for it.

I get out, dry off, change tanks and quickly get back in. I swim to the reef and descend at the railing. I swim out at 120 degrees, slowly, trying to control the current set. But I miss the Ledge. Again. I end up at the Shark Rocks and, again, swim back at 270 degrees to find the Ledge. My little Green Sea Turtle is there and I get some video and pictures. On the way back, I find a Fringed Filefish.

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