04 June 2011

Diving the Fish Camp Rocks with Luis

Luis got a job, and it has been a while since we dove together. We decided to dive the Fish Camp Rocks, so we did. It was windy this morning and the surf was higher than it has been. Visibility over the sand was terrible, but got better on the reef. We descended on our bearing and just at the reef. I held a 90 degree course. Along the way, we encountered a Sharptial Eel and we both got some good shots. We swam slowly and I did not adjust much for current set because I did not think there was any. Although I about lost faith, I was right. It just took a long time to get there, but we hit the precursor rocks dead on and then went right in to the Fish Camp Rocks. Job well done. One of the coral plates had fallen off the Eastern most Rock. Too bad. Got some pictures of Bar Jacks and a Rainbow Parrotfish. Then we went to the Big Coral Knoll to hunt the lionfish I saw a week ago. We did not find it. Got some nice pictures of a Yellowtail Damselfish. We headed out to the South and found a Scrawled Filefish and a Scrawled Cowfish. Went to the Furry Rock and got some shots. The Giant Anemone I photographed a week ago was a mere shadow of itself. then we headed back. Near the sand, I came upon a small Green Sea Turtle lying on the reef. Unfortunatley, he was sleeping and I think my bubbles scared him. He jolted up and swam quickly away.

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