03 June 2011

Finding the Ledge of Turtles

The wind was up this morning, maybe 10 knots or better. The surf was a little bigger, but not bad. I entered in front of the main entry and swam to the reef, where I descended at the railing. From there, I swam 100 degrees, but I missed the Ledge of Turtles. I saw the crow's nest, but I missed the mid-way rocks and the Ledge. I swam around looking for the Shark Rocks. Once I found those, I back-tracked West and found the Ledge. There were two small Green Sea Turtles on the Ledge when I got there. Neither seemed particularly concerned about me and I got some good pictures, but I did not crowd them either. It was nice. I swam back on 300 degrees and went right to the railing. I had air left, so I explored a bit, looking for the crow's nest and the bearing to the railing. Turns out it was 110 degrees. So I was too far North: overcompensated for the South running current.

On the second dive, I descended at the railing and swam 120 degrees to the Ledge. The visibility had gotten worse. I did not see the crow's nest, but I did pass the mid-way rocks and the last rock. Then I was on the Ledge, but the turtles were not there. I explored a bit, then headed for Shark Rocks. Got a great picture of a Hogfish getting cleaned by a Neon Goby. Swam back to the Ledge and found both turtles. Nice.

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