06 February 2011

Looking for Fish Camp Rocks

Luis called about 7:45 am and we agreed to meet at the beach at 8:30 am. We entered at the Tower and swam due East until we came to an odd looking rock with a coral head on top of it. There, we headed more ENE and found the Big Coral Knoll. We poked around and took pictures then headed West and ran into the Fish Camp Rocks, where we got to photograph some midnight blue parrot fish.

Dianne and I made a second dive. I was hoping to find the Big Coral Knoll at 270 degrees, but ran into a turtle, got some pictures then raced off to get Dianne since the turtle seemed not too concerned. Unfortunately, I could not find the turtle again once I got Dianne. Worse, I completely lost my bearing and had no idea where I was vis-a-vis the tower. We swam around and got some more photos, but nothing special and we did not find either the Fish Camp Rocks or the Big Coral Knoll.

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