11 February 2011

Diving Tower 17 with Luis

On our first dive, Luis and I entered in front of the lifeguard tower and headed out at 100 degrees. We dropped to the sand in 8 ft of water to look for the weight packet that Dianne lost yesterday. We did not find the weight packet, but we ran right into the fish camp rocks. No large shark, but we got the rocks. Spent some time photographing reef fish, then headed back to the beach.

On our second dive, we entered in front of the Tower but swam out at exactly 90 degrees. We were South of the Big Coral Knoll, but we found it. Looked for turtles, but did not find any. Still, we got some good shots of local reef fish. On the way back to the beach, Luis spotted a large Cushion Sea Star like we saw at the Blue Heron Bridge.

We left to fill tanks and meet with John and Jake, who wanted to dive in the afternoon.

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