11 February 2011

Diving Tower 17 with John and Jake

Even though we spent 15 minutes checking weight at the beginning of the dive, Jake had a 7 mm suit and was light by at least 6 pounds. He had to swim to stay down, and it was wearing him out. About 20 minutes into the dive, I gave him my 4 pounds of removable weights, but he was still light. He blew through his air trying to stay down. John did okay weighted as he was at the beginning.

I tried to swim out at 100 degrees, but Jake was chasing everything he saw. I was lucky to just stay heading East. We missed the Fish Camp Rocks and the Big Coral Knoll. We swam, instead, to the Eastern edge of the reef. We had a pleasant dive and saw a number of eels, including what looked like a Gray Spotted Snake Eel, which was just peeking out of the sand on the Eastern Edge of the reef. I left my camera behind, so the pictures posted here are from Luis, who posts most of his pictures on picasaweb. Check out his albums at https://picasaweb.google.com/105396979767702832997.

On our second dive, we added 6 pounds to Jake and kept John the same. I wanted to get in the water to test the weights before we tried the boat in the morning, so we went back in for a short dive, but ended up at the Eastern edge of the reef. The guys stayed with me and we stayed at 100 degrees, but we still missed the fish camp rocks. Saw a couple of eels, though and a small Green Turtle. We got cold after an hour, but everyone enjoyed the dive.

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