09 February 2011

Diving Solo off Tower 17

I was diving solo, so I could methodically search for the rock with a head, the Big Coral Knoll and the Fish Camp Rocks off Tower 17. I really want to understand the relative positions of those sites and be able to reliably find them. I entered the water North of the Tower and found some odd Jellys in the water. They were not the Portuguese Man-of-War, but a bell shaped Jelly with red or brown dashed stripes and a bright red mass. I swam to the buoy slightly North of the tower, then headed East and ran into the rock with a head. From there, I angled NE, but did not find the Big Coral Knoll. I did find a small knoll, but it was not what I was looking for. When I got to the Eastern edge of the reef, I went South a bit, then West. I did not find the Big Coral Knoll or the Fish Camp Rocks. I did see and photograph some reef squid and a smooth trunkfish.

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