10 February 2011

Dianne Loses her Weights

Dianne and I met Luis at the beach. We went in in front of Tower 17 and swam out at 100 degrees. We missed the rock with a man's head but ended up at Fish Camp Rocks, where we found a large Nurse Shark with a Shark Sucker on it. The shark turned around and fled when we started taking photographs. Got some good video, but cannot seem to upload it to Blogger. Then we headed off at 30 degrees hoping to find the Big Coral Knoll, but found a Green Turtle and swam with that. Then I was lost. We headed back.

Luis had to leave after the first dive, but Dianne and I stayed to make a second dive. Dianne apparently lost one of her weight packets swimming out to the reef. She had trouble getting down and staying down. I thought she was just having trouble with the flag. She said nothing until over an hour into the dive. By that time, our frantic searching was useless. We tried to find the Fish Camp Rocks again, but could not. We did not find the Big Coral Knoll and a Green Moray Eel, a Striped Burrfish and a Goldentail Moray Eel. Then we swam in to the beach. We never found her weight packet.

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