05 February 2011

Diving Tower 17

I met Luis at the beach. We geared up and were ready to go in when I first noticed that the flag was not in the back of the truck, where I always leave it. I now think that we must have failed to put it in the truck yesterday. So I went to Matt's to buy a new flag, but the kind I wanted was not in stock, so he gave me a loaner. I drove back to the beach and we went diving. There were plenty of Portuguese Man-of-Wars, but we managed to avoid any nasty accidents. We swam out and found a Little Coral Knoll and explored that some. We found a juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish and got some nice shots of common reef fish.

On our second dive, I had students out for their 4th and final open water dive, so I did not take my camera, even the Intova. Of course, we just reached the Reef when I spotted a baby nurse shark and could not get a picture. We then swam to the Coral Knoll and saw a turtle after we had been there a while. This was a Green Sea Turtle and a young one who did not enjoy spending time with us. On the way back to the beach, though, we encountered a Crab I had not seen before. Of course, I could not take pictures, but I got a shot of the crab and the baby nurse shark from Luis.

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