15 March 2015

Two Advanced Open Water dives with Finn, Jerry and Ricther

After the morning open water dives, Ric needed to stop at a Burger King to fuel up. I texted Finn and told him we would not be there by noon, but would be there soon. turns out Finn and Jerry were only a short distance in front of us going over the Causeway Bridge on SE 17th Street. Traffic was terrible and we slowly got to the beach only to find no open parking spots until we got near the restrooms, but we found one. Finn and Jerry had parked on the South bound lane. We met up; geared up and got in the water to finish the navigation dive we started at Tower 15 last Saturday.

Finn had performed the out 'n back then, so Jerry and Ric went through the skill today. Neither had any problems. Finn did the square and got back to me, but the 90 degree angles were lost in the current.  Same thing happened to Jerry. Ric did well. I didn't swim with him, but he returned from the South, which was what I had expected. Then we swam back to the beach and debriefed.

Water temperature was 75 degrees, dive time was 49 minutes; consumption was 29.63 psi/minute at an average depth of 17 feet; SAC rate was 19.56 psi/minute on an aluminum 80.

Had a nice rest during our surface interval. Went over the knots and the general plan in lifting an object. Then we geared up and got in, but drifted well South. We descended just past the Algae Patch and swam NE. We found some of the single Jacks, then spotted a tire. Jerry tied the line to the tire with a Bolin, then Finn attached the lift bag with a sheet bend but had some trouble putting air in the lift bag. He got it, the bag took off to the surface and then headed South. When I recognized what was happening, I chased after Finn and the tire. Ric and Jerry came along a little later. Jerry re-did the knots and took the tire up, then Ric had his turn. By that time, Jerry was down to 1500 psi. We turned the dive and headed NW to the beach. No one got lost. No one did anything stupid. I call it a win.

Water temperature was 75 degrees, dive time was 57 minutes; consumption was 33.93 psi/minute at an average depth of 17 feet; SAC rate was 22.39 psi/minute on an aluminum 80.

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