25 February 2015

No Stobe again on the Jacks

I thought I had checked out the strobe before I left home and it worked fine. When I set up the camera in the parking lot, however, I had no charge in the battery and no strobe. So I left the camera in the truck.

Visibility was much worse today than yesterday, but it still would have been nice to have the camera. Had a close face-to-face meeting with a Spotted Moray Eel as I went up the 3-tiered reef. Both of us were startled but I just swam on. Got to 24 feet of water and spent some time looking for shells before turning South to the Jacks. I came up after 50 minutes.

Water temperature was 73 degrees; Dive time was 51 minutes; consumption was 27.69 psi/minute at 19 feet average depth; SAC rate was 17.57 on an aluminum 80 tank

Stayed over the Jacks while on the surface, then descended to 24 feet just North of the Jacks. I swam West along the North side of the Jacks and left the Jacks with about 1500 psi. The surge was strong past the Jacks and I flew over the reef to the sand.

Kept looking for more Gaudy Naticas, but did not find any. Swam easily over the Algae Patch and to the sand at 800 psi. Ran down the tank to 300 psi and headed to the beach. Came up in 8 feet of water. Reeled in the flag and swam into shallow water. Strong undertow and crashing breakers, but quickly got out of the water and walked to the truck.

Water temperature was 73 degrees; Dive time was 53 minutes; consumption was 28.09 psi/minute at 15 feet average depth; SAC rate was 19.31 on an aluminum 80 tank.

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