23 February 2015

Diving on the Yankee Clipper Jacks off the South Beach parking lot

Water was rough and the air was cold all last week.  I had not been diving since the boys earned their Open Water certifications on the 15th.

I got to the beach only to discover that either the strobe or the strobe battery was dysfunctional. I took a fully charged battery off the charger before I left, but nothing lit up at the beach. Left the camera in the truck.

I got into the water and swam out beyond the swim buoy to descend. Water was cold. Went slowly East across the Algae Patch, the sand, then a leg of the 3-tiered reef. I got on more sand, but at only 21 feet and was beginning to think that the tide was out,  It wasn't. I came to another patch of reef and 24 feet of water after that.

My medium 3 mm neoprene jacket came Saturday and I brought it today. It worked better than the large, but I still felt cold mater move through the jacket if I moved my arms. I went South and found the Jacks, then went up to the surface to warm up.

Water temperature was 71 degrees; Dive time was 52 minutes; consumption was 26.73 at an average depth of 18 feet; SAC rate was 17.3 on an aluminum 80.

I was careful not to touch the computer mode button, but just let it time out. It didn't. It ran for 10 minutes before it kicked over to a second dive. When it did, I went down to 25 ft and headed West along the North side of the Jacks.

There were some fish on the Jacks, but not an overwhelming number. Probably didn't miss any shots except maybe a Spotted Moray Eel in the Caves just West of the Jacks on the 3-tiered reef. I might have gotten a good shot of that. Not much else was unusual or presented itself. I came back in just a minute more than it took to go out. Nice dive, but cold. Might have made a second dive if the Lifeguards weren't there.  The water was exceptionally calm and the visibility was good.

Water temperature was 71 degrees; Dive time was 53 minutes; consumption was 28.17 at an average depth of 17 feet; SAC rate was 18.59 on an aluminum 80.

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