26 February 2015

A working camera on the Yankee Clipper Jacks

I swam on the surface out to the Jacks this morning. Turns out that the parking lot lamp and the Fire House chimney put me well North of the Jacks, but if I swim on the bearing defined by the Yankee Clipper and the building behind it, I get right on the Jacks. So I descended on the South side of the Jacks and took some photos,

 Shot this Giant Anemone on the Jacks.

Got this shot of an Initial Phase Queen Parrotfish,

and this one of a Terminal Phase Queen Parrotfish.
 Got this photo of a Sand Diver,
and then this one of a Scrawled Filefish near my flagline.

I went over the Jacks and swam North looking for shells. Found several, including a small Lightning Welk. Then I swam back to the Jacks and ascended to warm up.

Water temperature was 73 degrees; Dive Time was 51 minutes; Consumption was 27.02 psi/minute at an average depth of 20 feet; SAC rate was 16.82 psi/minute on an aluminum 80 tank.

Stayed on the surface for several minutes looking at bearings and position, then descended just North of the Jacks and headed NW over the 3-tiered reef looking for the single Jack, which I now know is located well North of the Jacks.

Got this shot of a small school of Chub as I was leaving the Jacks.
 Picked up several Triggerfish when I was on the sand and got this interesting shot of one of the bigger ones.
I also found and got this shot of a Sheepshead Porgy along the sand North of the Jacks.

I shifted to due West once I found the single Jack and went up just before the white sand to find I was just East of the swim buoy in front of Tower 1. I killed some time, then went in.  Came up in 8 feet of water and secured the reel and the flag. Got my fins off and was walking in, but fell, rolled over on my tank so I was turtled and really struggled to get back into water deep enough to get my legs under me. Must have looked bad because a tourist came off the beach and asked if I needed help. I told him it was really just a matter of timing and successfully rode the next wave onto the beach and walked out of the water.

Water temperature was 73 degrees; Dive time was 51 minutes; consumption was 29.90 psi/minute at an average depth of 15 feet; SAC rate was 20.56 psi/minute on an aluminum 80 tank.

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