27 February 2015

Finn and Jerry make their first Night Dive

Finn and Jerry got to the apartment about 5:45 pm. We loaded up the truck and headed to the beach. Took longer than I had hoped to gear up and get in the water, but there was still some light and everyone got in easily. We swam out to the swim buoy and descended. Once again, Finn had trouble getting down but did fine once he was on the bottom. We set up and then swam more or less East over the Algae Patch and then the sand to the 3-tiered reef. After the excellent dives this morning I had hoped to see a lot of interesting creatures, but the dive was pretty boring. We saw a few shrimp but not much else. No camera as it was a training dive, but nothing to shoot anyway. Finn got to 1500 psi just over the 3-tiered reef and we turned the dive.

Water temperature was 73 degrees; dive time was 74 minutes; consumption was 24.93 psi/minute at an average depth of 16 feet; SAC rate was 16.79 psi/minute on an aluminum 80.

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