13 January 2015

Diving the Yankee Clipper Jacks with Gary Smith and Jimmy Vidler

The sky was dark, overcast and windy this morning. Gary and Jimmy, my friends from Red Devil Scuba in Chatam Ontario, came over to the apartment about 8:30 am with their gear and we drove down to the beach.We geared up, walked to the water and got in at 8:55 am and swam on the surface out to the swim buoy, where we descended.

Swam slowly to the East, but apparently got set to the North. Got some pictures as we swam over the Algae Patch, the sand and the 3-tier reef, then turned South in 24 feet of water

Got this shot of a Bicolor Damselfish,

this shot of an Orange Spotted Filefish,
and this shot of a Sergeant Major.

Swam South to Southeast. Jimmy hit half a tank about 5 minutes before we found the Jacks near their Eastern end. We went up and over the Jacks, then West along the South side. Got some pictures:
 This shot of a Sharpnose Puffer
and this one of a Yellow Sand Ray.

.  Current wasn't too bad, but got worse once we went beyond the Jacks. Not a lot of life on the Jacks this morning. Not much more in the cut out area to the West.  We were all low on air by the time we hit the sand and Jimmy sucked the bottom of his tank before getting out.  I fell and crawled out on my knees.  Wind was picking up and no one was up for a second dive.

Water temperature was 75; Dive Time was 97 minutes; consumption at an average depth of 18 ft was 31.43 psi/minute; SAC rate was 20.34 psi/minute; and RMV was 0.52 ft3/minute.

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