15 January 2015

Solo Dive on the Tower 2 Algae Patch

Got to the parking lot, geared up, set up the camera and got in the water. The tank held 3054 psi in the air, but pressure went up to 3256 psi in the water, which was considerably warmer than the surface air. I descended just past the swim buoy and swam East, taking my time. I looked for shells and tried to keep from getting set by the current.

I found an Atlantic Guitarfish and got some nice pictures, I hope.

I got to the sand at about 2200 psi  Hung out there looking for shells and fish until I got to 1500 psi and 67 minutes.  Then I started back to the West. Got all the way to the sand and spotted a Planehead Filefish.

Got this picture of a Dusky Jawfish in his borrow,

this shot of a Sheepshead Porgy.

and this shot of a Yellow Sand Ray.

Also found a Dusky Jawfish with his mouth full of eggs, but I scared him and though I waited for some time, he did not come back. I hung out until I got down to 350 psi and then headed for the beach.

Went up at about 125 psi and 121 minutes. Swam in on the surface. Struggled, but got up the step without falling, but it was hardly a graceful exit.  Just wasn't disgraceful.

Water temperature was 73 degrees; consumption at an average depth of 15 feet was 25.88 psi/minute; SAC rate was 17.79 and the RMV was 0.46 ft3/minute.

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