14 January 2015

Gary, Jimmy and I dive on Turtle Ledge with Scubatyme

Captain Bob drove Scubatyme and Doug Blakely was the Divemaster. We had one other diver on board: a young doctor named Jordan. Essentially a private trip.

Got this shot of Gary Smith in the water.
and this shot of Jimmy Vidler.

I set up my camera with the wide angle lens and put it in the camera bucket at the stern. We set up our gear and talked diving as we traveled out to the dive site. Once there, I geared up and pulled my camera out of the bucket only to discover that the lens was fogged up. This was the same lens that had been on the camera I flooded back in September, the last time Gary and I dove on Scubatyme.

I quickly got out of my gear, opened the housing and pulled the camera  so I could change to the macro lens. I tried to put the camera back in the housing, but the macro lens would not fit through the sleeve used to adjust the wide angle lens. I had to take the dome port off, pull the sleeve, replace the dome port, put the camera back in the housing and lock it up. Then I quickly got in my gear and got on the swim platform and went in backwards. My mask came unseated and I had to adjust and clear it, then chase the reel Doug had dropped overboard after attaching it to the flag.

I was racing and must have pulled the plug from the hot shoe as the strobe would not fire in the water when I finally got around to taking pictures.  Oh well.  I opened up the aperture and shot without the strobe.  Pictures came out unexpectedly well:

Got this shot of a Blue Chromis,
 this shot of a Bluestriped Grunt,
This Spotted Moray Eel that Jimmy pointed out as we drifted along,
 this shot of a Graysby, and
this shot of a Harlequin Bass.

Water temperature was 75 degrees; Dive Time was 67 minutes; consumption at 44 feet average depth was 40.85 psi/minute; SAC rate was 17.51 psi/minute; and the RMV was 0.45 ft3/mintue.

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