24 April 2014

Verdes Terblanche and I Try a Night Dive on the Little Coral Knoll, but Can't Find it in the Dark

Verdes is going to be busy tomorrow and can't dive, so we decided to try a night dive.  Drove down to Tower 15 to dive the Little Coral Knoll just as the sun was setting.  We swam out to the swim buoy with plenty of light and descended to the Large Rock then headed 150 degrees to the Little Coral Knoll except that we never made it.

I got this shot of a Smooth Trunkfish at the Big Rock,

as well as this shot of a Sharpnose Puffer.  I found the Moray Eel in the rock, but could not coax it out to get a pictures.  

 From the rock, we headed 150 degrees to the Knoll, but never did find it. Verdes had a really bright light. When he turned it on, I couldn't see anything except where his light was shinning. I missed all my landmarks and we ended up aimlessly exploring the reef.  Which was fine, too.  Got this shot of a Caribbean Spiny Lobster.

Found a Scrawled Cowfish who was captivated by the Ikelite Strobe and let me get some good head on shots. I imagine that shortly after this experience, he founded his own fish religion.  
 Verdes spotted this Purplemouth Moray Eel, who was hunting and pretty exposed.

We both got cold and Verdes got low on air, so we surfaced and found we were off Sunrise, much too far South.  We swam back on the surface, which took longer than I had expected.  Still, it was fun.

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