26 April 2014

Leo and I Dive the Euro Jacks off the Yankee Clipper

Leo had no traffic issues and met me at the beach at 8:00 am.  We geared up and got in the water, but then swam out to the reef on the surface.  This is usually a 20 minute swim, but I wasn't timing it this morning and we were not swimming very quickly.

We went down when we spotted a single jack and then swam East to the Euro Jacks. They are piled up as a wall that in places is well over 10 feet tall.  The wall lies roughly on an East/West line.  The Jacks make an excellent habitat for fish.

I have heard but do not believe that the Jacks were laid to prevent enemy submarines from entering Port Everglades.  There is another set of Euro Jacks off Dania Beach.

This one Atlantic Spadefish was part of a much larger school that came by at about 10 feet.

We've seen this blue faced Trumpetfish before at the Jacks.  I have not seen another and suspect this is the only one.

This Banded Butterflyfish had a companion, but they were too fast to get in the same picture.

This Queen Angelfish kept her distance but remained perfectly calm as I took this shot.

I had initially thought this was a Night Sergeant, but on reflection think it is a Blue Male Sergeant Major.

This Porcupinefish was quite shy and this was about as close as I could get before it took off.

This Bicolor Damselfish paused for this shot, but otherwise darted quickly from one place to another protecting its territory.

This is a fish I have not seen before.  I think it is a Glasseye Snapper, but as this is the only one I have ever seen, it is hard to tell.

It took us a little shy of an hour to swim along the Jacks to the Eastern end, then another hour to swim back to the beach.  We overcompensated for the North current and ended up way South of Tower 2.  Sometimes its like that.

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