26 April 2014

Leo and I dive the Algae Patch off the beach at Tower 2

Sat out for an hour to warm up after the dive on the Jacks, then decided to dive the Algae Patch just off the beach in front of Tower 2.  We dropped as soon as we got to the algae and swam slowly out to the sand and back.  We hunted around taking lots of pictures.

I saw the same small Nurse Shark twice.

Leo found a Purplemouth Moray Eel out in the open and we got some good pictures of that.

Took lots of other pictures, like this Bearded Fireworm

This Planehead Filefish

This Gray Angelfish

This Slippery Dick

and this Lantern Bass.

Had plenty of air, but just got cold and was ready to get out.

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