20 April 2014

Luis, Leo and I dive the Little Coral Knoll

Met the guys at the beach at 8:00 am.  We geared up and were ready to get in, but I broke the buckle on the top tank strap on the Zuma.  Ended up using a zip tie to fix it.  We swam out to the Big Rock NNW of the swim buoy and descended.

Leo found a Purple Mouth Moray Eel peeking out from a hole on the Big Rock.

I photographed this Star Horseshoe Worm

and this Seaweed Blenny.

From the Big Rock, we headed 150 degrees to the Little Coral Knoll. There, Leo found a Spotted Moray Eel. Luis found a clam shell and opened it to feed the eel and coax the little fella out of the reef.  Unfortunately the Triggerfish wanted the clam, too, so the eel lost out.

I got several shots of this Barred Hamlet and and some other reef fish.  I also went to the surface to adjust my zip tied BCD and apparently stayed too long as the computer reset.  So I made a second dive.

We stayed on and around the Little Knoll for a while then headed back to the beach.  Along the way, I got this shot of a Bicolor Damselfish.

I also found another Star Horseshoe Worm on a rock and took a few more pictures.

Luis made a two hour dive.  Leo and I were cold and just wanted to get out of the water.

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