29 April 2014

Another Solo Dive on the Ledge of Turtles

Got to the beach about 8:50 am, geared up and got in.  The surf was a bit rough, but once past the breaking waves, it was easy to get out.  I swam to the Rock Pile, then headed up the reef at 120 degrees.

I spotted the Turtle Rock and then swam to the Ledge. I hung out with the fish, including

this Scrawled Filefish

the Juvenile Cocoa Damselfish

 this White Grunt

this Sergeant Major

and this Indigo Hamlet.

I even spotted this Southern Atlantic Stingray.

I left the Ledge at 1000 psi and swam down to the Rock Pile.  Hung out there until I had 2 hours, then headed for the beach with 350 psi.  Surfaced at 130 minutes and swam in on the surface.

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