22 March 2014

Luis and I Dive the Eastern Ledge off Tower 17

When I woke up this morning, rain was pouring down.  Leo decided not to come and sent me an email to that effect.  I called Luis, and he was eager to dive, so I loaded up and headed for the beach.  By the time I got there, the wind was out of the SE and building. There was about a 3 ft surf breaking erratically.  The ocean was choppy and there were white caps even past the breakers.

Luis and I decided to go to the Eastern Ledge, but to leave our cameras behind where they would be safe.  It's a hazard getting in and out of rough surf with a camera, but as it turned out, the ocean was much calmer at depth. Even so, there were not a lot of good shots that presented themselves during the dive. We got set to the North as we swam out, but ended up at the Fish Camp Rocks, where Luis found a little black crab with white pinchers that could have been a great shot, but, as I think about it, might have needed a diopter to get that shot. From the Fish Camp Rocks, we headed East to the Ledge, then North along the Ledge.  We turned and headed Northwest and came out just North of the Tower.

Getting out was a chore, as it often is.  We decided not to make a second dive.    

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