23 March 2014

Leo and I dive with Lennon on the Big Coral Knoll

Captain Robb Shannon elected to run errands rather than dive with us on this dive. I took my camera set up for wide-angle shooting. I was hoping to get a picture of Lennon swimming beside a Green or maybe a Hawksbill Sea Turtle.

Leo, Shannon and I got in the water and swam out to where the concrete blocks should have been, but we never found them.

We did, however, find a small Green Sea Turtle.  I tried to get a picture of Lennon with the turtle, but Lennon didn't quite understand what I wanted from him.

For a time, I swam along on one side of the turtle and encouraged Lennon to swim on the other so I could get his picture, but Leo started shooting the turtle and herded it into me.  Just wasn't meant to be. I gave up and went looking for the Knoll.

The first landmark I recognized was the helmut head formation SW of the Knoll. Then I saw the Swept Rock and got this shot of Lennon coming around the Rock.

Then we were on the Knoll.  I didn't see any more turtles, however.

After touring the Knoll and the English Garden to the North, we swam over to the Perpendicular Rocks, where I got this picture of Lennon hovering.

From the Perpendicular Rocks, we headed SE and found the Fish Camp Rocks.

Then we swam over to the Columnar Coral

I got this shot of Lennon coming around the Coral.

From the Columnar Coral, we swam back to the Fish Camp Rocks and I got this shot of the SE most Rocks. The shot below is similar, but is three separate shots stitched together into a composite photo. The advantage to the composite is that it has more detail and can be blown up larger without losing clarity.  Problem was the haze in the water.  

From the Fish Camp Rocks, we headed just slightly North of West to get to the beach.  By then, I was shivering really badly. Leo urged us to swim at about 13 ft, where it was warmer.  I did for a while, but I felt exposed being that far above the bottom.  When we came off the reef, I went back down near the sand where the boats couldn't get me. We ended the dive just short of an hour and a half.

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