18 March 2014

Diving by myself on the Big Coral Knoll

I had trouble getting to sleep last night, so I was a little late getting going this morning.  Got to the beach just before 9:00 am and got in the water by 9:20, but spent 20 minutes swimming out.  I overshot the blocks and got all confused about where I was in the water.  Took awhile to find the blocks.

I descended and was almost immediately spotted by a Shark Sucker who headed straight for me.  I got some photos of the little fellow and apparently the strobe scared him away.  

I got this shot of a Green Razorfhish shortly after leaving the blocks and almost a quickly got lost.  

I got this shot of a Juvenile Cocoa Damselfish, but it wasn't anywhere I recognized.  I missed the gunsight.  I missed Irish Thighs.  I missed the Cigar Rock.

I ended up just West of the Swept Rock and got this shot of a Flamefish.  

 I also found a Caribbean Spiny Lobster walking alone along the bottom a bit to the North of the Swept Rock.  I seldom see them anywhere but under coral heads.

When I got to the Knoll, I spotted this Goldentail Moray Eel.  I tried to coax him out for a picture, but he resisted my entreaties.  

Found this Juvenile Creole Wrasse just off the Knoll on the South Eastern ledge.  I followed it for a few minutes hoping to get a better shot, but had no luck.  

Spotted this Juvenile Yellowhead Wrasse along the North edge of the Knoll.

Got this shot of a Black Spotted Feather Duster well into the middle of the Knoll.  

Tried to work on my breathing, but the water was cold and I started shivering at about 40 minutes.  The whole dive only lasted 90 some minutes and I was really glad to get out of the water.  I had hoped to take a student on their first open water dives today, but I called him and told him it was just too cold.  He has no particular time constraints, so he should wait for warmer weather.    

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